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Services - Warehousing, distribution

Warehousing and goods handling, repacking of consignments, adjustment to packaging, samples extraction and quality control of consignments.

  • Warehouse with a very convenient location in the centre of Moravia with direct connection to the road and rail network
  • Warehouses encompassing a combined area of 2000 m2, equipped with leading ramps for goods handling for road transport
  • Railway spur right alongside the whole warehouse and is connected directly to the leading ramps for entry and dispatch of rail consignments
  • Public customs warehouse is used not only for storing in the regime of customs warehouse but also for holding in the regime of storing goods which is in free circulation within the European Union
  • Temperature regulated warehouse for sensitive and/or perishable goods
  • We specialize in storing pharmaceutical substances, chemical products, food additives, machinery industry products and other goods
  • Excise warehouse - thanks to our good reputation we obtained the Certificate of Registration of Warehousekeeper of Tax Warehouse from the Customs Directorate Olomouc, which entitles us to stock goods and products containing spirit and which are subject to excise tax in the Czech Republic. Price list of excise warehouse services to be downloaded here
  • Our warehouse was also certified for storing, handling and distribution of organic food (see attached certificate).    

We conduct:

  • warehousing and goods handling
  • warehousing of goods and products containing spirit in our excise warehouse 
  • repacking of consignments, adjustment to packaging, samples extraction
  • completion, palletisation, dividing and labelling of consignments
  • quality control of consignments
  • delivery and distribution of goods from warehouse based on the prior instruction of the goods depositor
  • electronic storing evidence
  • registration and tracing of goods movement according to ranks
  • dangerous/hazardous goods handling
  • domestic and international distribution of goods from our customs warehouse

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News, press

Storage of organic food

6.3.2018 10:24:11

Our company is able to stock organic food since 21.07.2011.

Groupage cargo services-Baltic states

8.1.2013 09:39:51

We newly offer groupage cargo services to Baltic states.

The New Warehousing Complex - Public, Customs and Excise Warehouse

18.2.2011 09:59:42

Our new warehouse is already opened since June 2010

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  • Opening hours: Mon - Fri 6:30am - 5:00pm
  • Warehouse: U Ambulatoria, CZ 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic
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