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Storage of Goods

Use our logistics services to optimize your storage and distribution of your goods. For our customers, we provide storage services which meet their individual requirements. Get you customized price offer for the storage and distribution of goods.

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Skladování a distribuce

Benefits of Our Warehouse

  • warehouses with convenient location in central Moravia with the direct link to the road network
  • warehouses with an area of 2,000 m2are equipped with loading platforms for handling of goods on road means of transport
  • warehouses are equipped with a storage room where the temperature is controlled for any sensitive goods
  • we specialize in storage and distribution of pharmaceutical substances, products of qualified chemistry (special chemicals), food additives, engineering products and other goods
  • warehouses are secured with a system directly linked to the alarm receiving center of the Czech Police and it is also equipped with a CCTV surveillance system with record keeping
  • the clients who require the distribution of goods from our warehouses store their inventories regularly; the inventories are then distributed to their customers according to the instructions of the ordered in the agreed period of time and for the agreed price
  • storage of goods in the free circulation
  • the public customs warehouse is used to store in the customs warehousing procedure
  • the customs warehouse allows, for example, the storage of goods without the need to settle the customs debt immediately; the goods are under customs supervision and the customs duty is settled only when the goods is released for the free circulation or the goods can be sent from the warehouse in the transit mode
  • the goods under the customs supervision can be unloaded in the warehouse in the temporary warehousing procedure and then it can be decided on the assignment of customs treatment, mainly in the event when not all documents are available; the customs procedure shall be finished only with completed paperwork
  • the tax warehouse authorizes us to store selected products containing alcohol and subject to excise in the Czech Republic in the mode of excise duty suspension arrangements
  • The Certificate of Registration of Tax Warehouse Operator

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Services of our Warehouse

The services of our warehouse include the following activities:

  • storage and handling of goods
  • storage of goods and products containing alcohol in our tax warehouse
  • consignment repacking, packaging modification, sampling
  • consignment neutralization, label printing and labelling of goods
  • completion, palletization, sorting and marking of consignments
  • quality check of consignments
  • removal (picking) and distribution of goods from warehouse according to the ordering party’s instructions
  • stock inventories and bond warrants in electronic formats
  • evidence and monitoring of goods movement by batches
  • storage and handling of dangerous goods
  • domestic and international distribution of goods
  • regular inventory stocktaking of individual entities

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