Groupage Service

Shipping of Less-than-Container Consignments

Using the groupage service (shipping of LCL consignments) ), we are able to provide our clients with the transportation of consignments of a maximum weight of 2,000 kg throughout the Czech Republic within 24 hours. In the form of groupage lines, we will also transport your consignment to other European states. We collaborate with proven carriers. Thus, we can provide safe and timely delivery of your consignments. Get your own customized price offer for LCL shipping or calculate the price for the LCL shipping with our transportation calculator featuring the options of on-line orders and quick and safe payment via a payment gateway.

Inquiry about Delivery Calculation

Vnitrostátní přeprava kusových zásilek

Our Services in the Field of Pallet Delivery

  • pallet consignment transportation in the “door-to-door system” throughout the Czech Republic with the usual delivery within 24 hours from receipt
  • carriage of pallet consignments to and from European states in the form of groupage lines
  • deliveries as required by the customer, usually via the “door to door” system

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