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Use our services of freight road transportation. We collaborate with proven carriers. Thus, we can provide for safe and timely delivery of your goods. Get your own customized price offer for road transportation or calculate the price for the international parcel delivery or less-than-container-load shipping throughout the Czech Republic with our transportation calculator featuring the options of on-line orders and quick and safe payment via a payment gateway.

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Our Services in the Field of Road Transportation

We will provide domestic as well as international transportation, mainly throughout Europe, but also in Russia, Africa, Asia, the U.S.A. and Australia. The deliveries can be performed in the just-in-time system.

If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Parcel Delivery

Export and import of parcels with a minimum weight of not more than 30 kg.

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Groupage Service

Carriage of pallet consignments throughout the Czech Republic and within the EU states in the form of groupage lines.

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Less than Truck Loads

Solutions for smaller consignments, usually with a weight of over 1 metric ton, in the form of the LTL shipping.

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Full Truck Load Shipping

Carriage of products, materials, foodstuff and other goods in the form of FTL.

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Temperature-Controlled Transportation

Carriage of foodstuff, pharmaceutical products and products of qualified chemistry (special chemicals).

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Oversize and Overweight Load Transportation

Carriage of oversize loads, including all necessary tasks.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods

International and domestic road transportation of ADR-class dangerous loads.

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Shipping Costs Calculation

Calculate the price for transporting your consignment, using our on-line form.

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