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Use our services of freight railway transportation. Railway transportation is the most effective solution to the long-distance carriage of bulky and heavy loads. Trains are usually used to transport raw materials, such as coal or steel. Get your customized price offer for railway transportation.

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Our Services in the Field of Railway Transportation

  • transportation of engineering products, food and other bulky substrates and other goods
  • organization of full-wagon-load consignments to our warehouse and distribution of transported goods
  • transportation of dangerous loads (RID)
  • railway transportation of less-than-container-load consignments in groupage containers (LCL) from China
    (including the terminals of Changsha, Chengdu, Xian, Wuhan etc.)
  • railway transportation of full-container-load consignments (FCL) from China, overweight and oversize (BB) consignments



transportation of RID-class dangerous loads



transportation of less-than-container-load consignments in groupage containers (LCL)



transportation of full-container-load consignments (FCL)

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