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Customs Declaration

Full customs declaration for any kind of consignment (LCL, FTL and FCL loads) in every customs procedure (export, import, temporary storage, storage in a customs warehouse, customs procedure with economic impact), carnet issuance and the issuance of certificates of origin, etc. Get a customized price offer for the services of customs declaration.

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Celní deklarace

Our Services Include

  • representation in customs clearance procedures (direct, indirect)
  • representation in administrative procedures
  • provision of security for customs debt (comprehensive guarantee, individual guarantee)
  • issuance of documents: single administrative document (SAD), transit accompanying document (T1, T2, T2L), export accompanying document (EAD), Czech Chamber of Commerce certificate of origin, EUR.1 certificate of origin, A.TR movement certificate, TIR carnet, ATA carnet, CMR waybill, etc.
  • using simplified procedures during customs clearance procedures (authorized consignee, authorized consignor),
  • customs clearance of consignments heading for/from a public customs or temporary warehouse, a tax warehouse of the company
  • other customs clearance services: inclusion of goods in the customs tariff (TARIC); calculation of customs debt and taxes, relief from customs duty; registration of companies with customs office (EORI), consultancy and advisory service

Pricelist of Services for the Clearance of Consignments with the Customs Office downloadable in the PDF format


INTRASTAT is a registration and statistical system to monitor the movement of goods between member states of the European Union as to the trade within the EU. Get your customized price offer for processing data for Intrastat.

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The duty to process INTRASTAT applies to all VAT-registered entities in the Czech Republic (reporting units) which sent to another EU-member state or received from another EU-member state goods in the amount exceeding 12 m CZK. The duty to report to Intrastat in the respective year also applies to the entities which have exceeded the limit of 12 m CZK from the beginning of the calendar year, separately for the receipt or the shipping of goods. The limit is counted from January 1 or from the day of VAT-No. assignment.

The duty to report to INTRASTAT during the calendar year starts from the month when the above limit was achieved as the result of the receipt or the shipment of goods. The obligation to register with the respective customs office and report monthly arises.

If the reporting unit does not make any transactions in the respective month, it is obliged to provide the customs office with a negative report.

Should only one-time receipt/shipment of goods in the amount exceeding the limit subject to reporting happen and if no other receipt/shipment is expected in the given year, it is enough to submit only a one-time report, after which no other negative reports shall be submitted.

The report shall be submitted no later than the 12th working day of the calendar month following the reference period. The one-time report shall then be delivered to the relevant customs office no later than the 10th day after the reference period.

INTRASTAT reports shall be submitted to the relevant customs office only in the electronic format.

INTRASTAT reports processed by our company bring the following benefits:

  • employees will not waste time on this paperwork
  • there is no need to follow up current changes in the field of Intrastat
  • regular training for employees is eliminated, which results in reductions in costs
  • we take liability for possible faults and timeliness

Should you have any questions in this area, make use of our free consultancy services.

Pricelist for Data Processing for INTRASTAT downloadable in the PDF format

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Customs Declaration and INTRASTAT


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