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Items Excluded From Standard Parcel
and Collection Service Transport

  • banknotes and coins, cheques, stamps, bonds, lottery tickets
  • valuables (precious metals and stones, jewelry, real pearls, watches), including phone SIM cards, credit cards, documents
  • weapons and ammunition, imitation weapons or military material, explosives, combustibles, radioactive substances, corrosives or odorous and other substances
  • waste
  • bulk material in bags and sacks, except for pallet transport by collection service or documentary evidence
  • tobacco and other products subject to excise duty
  • consignments containing easily damaged articles and substances, such as excisable alcohol and other precious liquids in glass bottles, similar fragile packaging, etc., even if the instructions for the correct packaging of the consignment are followed
  • living animals, fauna and flora
  • human and other remains
  • perishable goods or easily damaged contents
  • commodities requiring special treatment, protection, authorization or temperature control
  • infectious substances with biological hazards, odorous substances
  • works of art, antique objects
  • drugs or medicines and psychotropic substances, with the exception of items sent by legally authorized institutions for scientific or medical purposes
  • shipments to PO boxes and those lacking the necessary information about the sender and recipient (accurate and valid address, etc.)
  • dangerous goods according to ADR or IATA DGR
  • counterfeit goods, items that infringe intellectual property rights, or content that violates applicable trade restrictions and embargoes, or that is to be delivered to a refused person, or that contains any other items that may not be transported under applicable law
  • insufficient or incorrectly packaged goods
  • bottles and jars not packed in certified packaging intended for parcel transport
  • stained glass and other goods with large glass fillings
  • shipments containing operating fluids (oil, petrol, etc.)
  • high value goods (usually exceeding CZK 500,000)

In case you are going to transport any of the above mentioned commodities (except for completely illegal ones, of course) or similar, please send us an inquiry with more detailed specifications and we will try to arrange transport in a special mode.